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Venturing into Online Business

With the growth of the use of internet in the 3rd world countries the visions of corporates now shifts from material markets to the cyber world. Those that will benefit the most will be those who can with minimum time consumption give to their consumers what is needed and with minimum efforts on the part of the consumers to obtain the desired products.

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Feedback for Improvement

I used to be very shy about my writing and never allowed anyone to read what I’d written. Subconsciously, by not letting anyone see my work, I felt that there was no way I could hear that it was “bad.” However, after a while, my writing was stuck in a rut and I couldn’t get anywhere with my creative work. Finally summoning up the courage, I wrote some poems for a poem writing forum. I didn't get much feedbacks but from what I got I was able to acknowledge that feedbacks were necessary to improve one's skills. Finding someone to give you good feedback is crucial to…

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