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Tips For Independent Women Traveling Alone – Travel Guide

Girl on the Beach by Anna Langova These days many independent, smart and adventurous women from many parts of the world like to travel alone for numerous reasons. Traveling can be for business, exploring new things, educational purposes, leisure and recreation and many others. Solo traveling does not mean one is far from companionship. Traveling alone can be really productive at times when you get to meet new friends and start sharing the tour together. Still, no matter how good it sounds, women still need to understand the risks involved and also to take care of a few things if they are traveling alone. We have encountered destinations…

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A Traveler’s Trail

Woke up at break of the day, Birds chirping outside my window. I'm a traveler ready with his backpack Geared up to hit the road! Along the highways, Into the woods; Beneath the bridges, Across the seas; Never will I wear down! For it is the pleasance in travel that enlivens my spirit. Mountains and mist, Grass and rocks; Up in the hills, Sitting by a cliff; I watch the sun go down in grace, Embellished by the cool breeze, That whispered through my ears. Dancing grasses and the tall pine trees, Engulfed within the wobbling sounds of nature; Here I'm lost deep down. Spreading my arms…

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