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Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism

Tourism Impacts on the Culture and Social Environment of a place is by far mostly viewed on the more brighter side because of the foreign economy and the expenses that the tourists spend during their tour. Being the largest industry in the world, it is needless to mention the huge potential it has in developing a place in all aspects. Tourism can improve the quality and enhance the lifestyle of a local community through the active guest-host interaction. Infrastructure improvements like utilization of public spaces, transportation, and recreational  facilities are enjoyed by international, domestic tourists and the local people as well. Another positive impact is the generation…

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Why Tourism Planning is necessary in developing a tourist destination?

Tourism Planning is a core concept and one necessary per-requisite before any Tourism Planning Team undergo any sort of tourism development at an area. It applies to all areas or Levels i.e., International Level, National Level, Regional Level, Destination Level or the Site Level. Tourism Planning is concerned with taking in consideration the benefits and negative implications it can bring about when tourism activity happens. These tourism impacts (negative & positive) can be broadly classified into Economic, Socio-Cultural & Environmental Impacts. As these impacts are bound to happen with the advent of the tourism activity, the Tourism Planners must put that extra effort to minimize the negative…

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