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Ode for a Dux

Life in a bounded wall, full of farouche;  Life of a church mouse was led at ab intio; But as tempus fugits to the in extremis -  The times of infringe in gules blood;  To walk the dais, to be a dux, an almighty;  Iterate the past to envisage success in the future,  To fulfill the voids by success;  No success stories known from a nevus scar,  Or known from a harbinger Treasure every datum;  Omit time waste, ostentation, hoity-toity;  No wandering with beauties and lulus. Flash your qualities as a very picture of hard work  For the generations down below And after all you have done…

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Hair Growth Oils

Olive Oil There are several ways to grow back lost hair. Proper nutrition, hair transplant, scalp surgeries, scalp massage and using of oil to stimulate hair growth. There are a number of hair oils that can enhance the hair growth. Each oil has its own unique property. It is proved that applying of such oils can boost hair growth, prevents hair fall and induces growth by stimulating the follicles of the hair.   Almond Oil: Enriched with Vitamin E and being a good source of protein, this herbal oil is mixed with sandal wood oil and castor oil to promote hair growth and keep hair loss at check.…

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