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The Work Diary of Parisa Tabriz, Google’s ‘Security Princess’

Parisa Tabriz used to be a hacker. Now she is a princess.Ms. Tabriz, 36, is a director of engineering at Google, where she oversees its Chrome web browser and a team of security investigators called Project Zero. Several years ago, when Google required her to get business cards, she picked the title “security princess” because it seemed less boring than “information security engineer,” her actual title at the time. As Ms. Tabriz climbed the ranks, the designation stuck — and reminded men in the cybersecurity field that women belonged there, too. “I want them to know that princesses can do engineering and STEM,” Ms. Tabriz said.Chrome is…

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How Each Big Tech Company May Be Targeted by Regulators

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have been the envy of corporate America, admired for their size, influence and remarkable growth.Now that success is attracting a different kind of spotlight. In Washington, Brussels and beyond, regulators and lawmakers are investigating whether the four technology companies have used their size and wealth to quash competition and expand their dominance.The four firms are lumped together so often that they have become known as Big Tech. Their business models differ, as do the antitrust arguments against them. But those grievances have one thing in common: fear that too much power is in the hands of too few companies.The attorney general of…

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The Rise and Fall of the Jeremy Renner App, Which Was a Real Thing

Online trolls have killed Jeremy Renner Official, a mobile app introduced more than two years ago as a gathering place for fans of — you guessed it — Jeremy Renner.The app’s existence had become a running joke online in recent weeks after it was hijacked by people who lacked respect for a safe digital space dedicated to the “Avengers” actor. Even its death couldn’t stop the jokes.It’s a lot to take in. So here’s a brief guide to what happened.[Need a drink as you read this article? Here’s our Cooking recipe for the Jeremy Renner cocktail.]Why am I reading this?Why am I writing this?Really, though. What was…

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