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How To Use Free VPN Service?

What is a Free VPN? A Free VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables visitors to safeguard themselves and their data from online surveillance by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Government Bodies, Advertisers and others. A free VPN service provider has a list of servers that allows the visitors to pick where they seek to connect. For example: If a person sitting in India, wants to connect to USA, he may choose USA servers. This can help people to act as if they are at the select location; while disguising or cloaking their own location. This trick can be used by scammers, spammers, and people who seek to cover up…

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Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business

TRAVEL AGENCY A travel agency is a travel consultant, tour organizer and a middle-man between the tourism service suppliers (hotels, car rentals, cruises, airlines, buses etc.) and the travelers. They are a one-stop travel solution provider who provides information on anything related to travel like information about travel formalities, visa information, accommodation, accessibility and other recreational facilities etc. They work on a commission basis and are an important establishment as they help provide business to the suppliers of services. Today’s Men are too busy to organize their travel itineraries personally. For example: A person wanting to travel to Thailand has to book tickets for airlines, sightseeing, hotels,…

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On a Quest for Ataraxis

  This gelid winter failed to let me feel the littlest of chill Sugar and sunshine too couldn’t pinch my lost senses Pathways appear indecipherable and nebulous all this while Neither could a damsel clear this hazy daze off my head.   Out I go, to the wilderness, on a quest for ataraxis; Dipped my feet into the clear waters of an oasis, overlooking the horizon; To find the cure for this perpetual shock I was given Ever since you freed this hand of mine.   Tattooed my skin and even went bald Songs I’ve sung, on you Music I’ve played for you But these notes aren’t…

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Learning Tourism Basics – PART I

What is Tourism? Tourism is an activity where tourists visits from his place of origin to a different destination staying at least 24 hours for leisure, business, mission, VFR (Visiting Friends & Relatives) or meetings and conferences. INTERNATIONAL TOURISM It is of two types: Inbound and Outbound. Inbound Tourism Tourism activities taking place from the visitors who are visiting a particular country/ destination which is outside from their original country. Example: A traveler visiting India from Japan is an Inbound Tourist and He is performing Inbound Tourism. Outbound Tourism Tourism activity taking place from the visitors who are visiting outside their original place of stay to other…

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CBSE UGC NET Dec 2014 Paper 1 Answer Key for all Sets

This year’s NET/JRF is conducted by the CBSE and not by UGC. Here is an improved list of answers for your December 2014 Paper I for all Paper Sets (W, X, Y & Z). The Exam was conducted on 28th of Dec 2014 all over India. We highly recommend you to kindly participate in the discussion with your valuable comments along with the justification for your answer. Paper Set: Z HINT: Correct Answers are marked in Blue Color   1. Which of the following institutions are empowered to confer or grant degrees under the UGC Act, 1956? (A) A university established by an Act of Parliament. (B)…

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Tourism Regulations in India

indian-passportInbound-Outbound Travel Regulations

A tourist is governed mandatorily by the laws and regulations of the country he is paying a visit to. For instance, a traveler from USA has to follow the travel regulations of India if He is visiting India or a visitor from India has to follow the same protocols of the other countries as well if he is doing an outbound tour. This is one critical concern that every tourist performing either Inbound or Outbound should be aware of. There can be basic travel requirements like Visas and Passports but sometimes there could be special permits as well. With these requirements being made, a tourist can enjoy a hassle free travel throughout.


Passport & Visa Requirements

Passports and Visas are legal requirements to enter India for almost every visitor. Nepal and Bhutanese Citizens have to show their Valid Identity Cards to verify their nationality while entering India by land. However, if they are entering India by flight from their own country or any other apart from China, they have to show a valid passport but no visa is required. But if they are flying from China to India then these travelers need to have both the passport and a visa. There are many kinds of visas issued in India (refer to the picture).

visa-typesFor travelers whose sole purpose is to visit India for tourism activities like recreation, VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives), Sightseeing, Exploring, specific interests (yoga, cooking, healing etc.), a Tourist Visa is issued. Travel agents of foreign travel agencies and foreign tourists visiting India frequently for genuine tourism may be granted multiple-entry tourist visa with the condition that stay on each visit should not exceed 180 days. Visa on Arrival for tourist has been inducted on an experimental basis for the following nationals of 12 countries viz. US (recently inducted after Prime Minister Modi visited the States), Luxembourg, NZ, Finland, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Cambodia. This type of visa is valid for a period of 30 days with single entry facility granted by Immigration Offices at major Intl. Airports of India at BOM, DEL, MAA and CCU.


Moving within the mainland states of India is not restricted apart from a few. Basically, these places are mainly sensitive areas with tribal culture, rich biodiversity, International Border lines and group of islands. Under the Foreigners (Restricted Areas) Order, 1958 & 1963 no foreign nationals can visit in these 'Restricted Areas' without obtaining permit from authorities. Entry to these places would require a special type of permit for the visitor known as the Protected Area Permit (PAP) or Restricted Area Permit, which can be valid up to a maximum period of 15 days. The issuance of these permits differs from state to state. They are: Arunachal Pradesh, parts of Himachal Pradesh, parts of Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, parts of Rajasthan, Lakshadweep (only Bangaram Island is opened to Tourists), West Bengal (Sunderbans Area/ Tiger Project Area), Sikkim (partly in the protected and partly in the restricted area), and parts of Uttarakhand.

Among these, 3 North Eastern States (Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland) of India have been leveraged from obtaining the PAP when visiting these places to boost tourism with exception of citizens from Afghanistan, China, Pak and Myanmar. Myanmar nationals would require prior approval from Ministry of Home Affairs if they are to move beyond 16km from the Indo-Myanmar border. Inner Line Permit (ILP) will be required for visiting Border States like Nagaland and Arunachal for the Indian Nationals.


1. Permit is valid for the specific route and the specific entry / exit point. Other than these no other routes shall be used.

2. PAP is for group of tourists comprising of two or more persons only.

3. North Eastern States of India (8 States) must be visited only by air. To travel within these states they may use National Highways or by flight. Visiting places of Interest within the state, if falls away from the National Highways, maximum amount of distance should be covered by NH roads only and minimize the utilization of local highways.

4. Permits that have expired will not be allowed to be used to stay in these restricted/protected areas.

3. Each permit holder must have enough photocopies of the permit to be deposited at every entry/exit.

Instructions to be followed by Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Commercial Accommodation Providers at Restricted/ Protected Areas

1. Travel and Tour operators must ensure that their tour group possesses valid RAP/PAP. Also making sure their groups do not visit places apart from their mentioned itinerary or delay on their stay with reference to the validity period.

2. Commercial accommodation providers must ensure that their foreign guests hold valid RAP/PAP during their stay. Other mandatory requirements include informing local police about the details of these guests as earnestly as possible.


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Tour Itinerary – Definition and Types

What is an Itinerary? Well it is a fundamental component of a tour package. In fact, itineraries are step by step plans of the tour which includes the origin, destination and all the en route places bundled along with travel basics like accommodation, sightseeing, transportation, and other kinds. Itineraries are designed depending on type of trips pursued by the tourists. Transportation can be air, surface or water. Accommodation can be guesthouses, hotels, motels, youth hostels, pent houses and so on. It has two segments viz. Inbound and Outbound. A few journey types can be – One Way Trip, Round Trips, Circle Trip, Around the World Trips and…

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A New Wave of Tourism in Manipur – Rural & Adventure

  Manipur is an abundant powerhouse of tourism resources because nature has munificently given a whole lot of good things that guests who visit this place are spellbound by its beauty. Countrified life, rustic civilization and unspoilt tranquility are a sight of awe to its travelers. The challenging trekking routes, tribal folk culture and recherché choices of adventurous activities are ready to let its visitors awe in delight. Tourism in Manipur recently got a boost after PAP (Protected Area Permit) was removed for the Foreign Nationals. And here it is on the itinerary for these travelers; the two forms of tourism with such huge potential that it somehow is ready to change…

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Get that Supermodel look with Chewing Gum!

Have you been dreaming about getting that firm, beautiful, elongated and good looking supermodel like face? Well who wouldn't like to look like them? That strong chin, that firm professional look is everyone's dream. Even doctors and many people have recommended chewing chewing-gum and the wonders that it can bring to your face. But how does a chewing-gum help on your face? It all lies in the continuous movement of the jaw muscles on your face     - That helps in toning of the facial muscles - The blood flow to the facial muscles is increased - The signs of premature aging is reduced- Reduction of…

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Ode for a Dux

Life in a bounded wall, full of farouche;  Life of a church mouse was led at ab intio; But as tempus fugits to the in extremis -  The times of infringe in gules blood;  To walk the dais, to be a dux, an almighty;  Iterate the past to envisage success in the future,  To fulfill the voids by success;  No success stories known from a nevus scar,  Or known from a harbinger Treasure every datum;  Omit time waste, ostentation, hoity-toity;  No wandering with beauties and lulus. Flash your qualities as a very picture of hard work  For the generations down below And after all you have done…

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