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Hair Growth Oils

olive oil
Olive Oil
There are several ways to grow back lost hair. Proper nutrition, hair transplant, scalp surgeries, scalp massage and using of oil to stimulate hair growth. There are a number of hair oils that can enhance the hair growth. Each oil has its own unique property. It is proved that applying of such oils can boost hair growth, prevents hair fall and induces growth by stimulating the follicles of the hair.
Almond Oil:
Enriched with Vitamin E and being a good source of protein, this herbal oil is mixed with sandal wood oil and castor oil to promote hair growth and keep hair loss at check. Almond oil is mixed with jojoba oil and sometimes with egg yolk and is applied to the scalp and later rinsed after keeping it for 15-30 minutes.
Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil has been known for its moisturizing properties, anti-oxidizing, anti-fungal and presence of Vitamin E. It keeps the scalp free form dandruff and improves hair growth. It works well with:
Dry and Damaged Hair – Before shower apply coconut oil to your scalp and give a good scalp massage. The kneading motions of the fingers give you are relaxing feel. Leave it for an hour and rinse with a mild shampoo. Or you can leave it overnight. Do not forget to cover your head and rinse it off in the morning.
• To treat frizz hair, after shampooing dry your hair and take a little amount of coconut oil in your palms and work it on your hair from top to bottom.
Jojoba Oil:
If you are facing hair loss then it is recommended. This colorless and odorless oil can be mixed with coconut and rosemary oil to help stimulate healthy hair growth. It acts as a sealant and helps to lock moisture into the hair. It protects hair from UV rays and breakage. Jojoba oil also has anti-dandruff properties and can be used as an effective daily scalp moisturizer.
Castor Oil:
Castor oil is known for treating brittle hair and encouraging hair growth. Regular use of this oil is said to increase hair growth, preventing hair breakage. It is an effective moisturizer for both hair and scalp. It releases hair frizz and acts well on hair suffering from split ends.
Castor oil is thick and sticky in nature. Apply the oil on the scalp and give a scalp massage in kneading motion. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and wrap with a warm towel. Let it set for another one to two hours and rinse off with a mild shampoo. If you need more deep condition let the oil stay overnight. Castor oil can stain your fabrics so don’t forget to cover your hair. It is mixed with jojoba, olive, coconut, tea tree oil and applied to the scalp to prevent hair breakage. It acts as moisturizer and keeps the hair from falling.
Thyme Oil:
Massaging the scalp with this oil increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
Lavender Oil:
It is well-known aroma therapy oil used in regular scalp massage. Also mixed with other oils like rosemary and sandal oils and gives a stimulating hair growth.
Mustard Oil:
In countries like India, mustard oil has been used since times immemorial by Indian women in scalp massage to keep their hair long and healthy. Nowadays people around the globe have started understanding and using this special oil in scalp messages. The minerals and beta-carotene in the oil helps treating hair loss and maintenance.
One can follow the simple procedure of applying and massaging the scalp with this oil and leaving it for an hour and rinsing it off with a scented shampoo to clear off mustard smell. One can also leave it overnight by covering with a plastic cap and wrapping up with a towel. It can be followed with a conditioner as well.
Olive Oil:
Revitalizing oil for the scalp that promotes moisturizing, protecting the hair strands and nourishes from within. Olive oil is one the best known hair growth hair around.
Treatment of hair fall and maintenance of hair is incomplete without oil scalp massage for many people. Go for the right oil that suits the hair type. One should consult a hair expert if the hair fall rate increases with the usage of these oils.

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  2. I use coconut oil for my hair. Is there anything else that I should use for hair care? I only prefer to use natural or herbal products with no side-effects. Here I had shared an article which also on oils for hair growth. have long dry hair and use open hairstyle every day. What oil will you prefer for me? Should I continue using coconut oil.?
    Thanks for posting your wonderful article about essential oils for hair growth.

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  4. Wash your hair with onion water. Get your tresses to be super sleek and shiny while supplementing them with nutrients by rinsing your hair with onion water. Cut up an onion and boil it in several cups of water. Allow the onion water to cool, strain out the onion, and pour it through your hair. Massage it into your scalp before rinsing the onion water out again.
    Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. Among the multitude of uses for apple cider vinegar is increasing hair growth through frequent rinsings. After you finish shampooing your hair in the shower, rinse it out with apple cider vinegar. Follow with your regular conditioner and rinse with warm water.
    Try a grapeseed oil massage. This lovely oil is often an ingredient in popular hair care products, and can be used on its own to increase hair growth. Pour some oil (room temperature or warm) onto your scalp and massage it in with your fingers. Allow it to set for up to an hour. Do this 2-3 nights a week for the best results.
    Add a bit of palm oil to your strands. Rather than focusing on the scalp, adding palm oil to the length of your strands will increase its vitality and prevent it from breaking. Thoroughly coat the ends and middle sections of your hair with palm oil, and allow it to soak in for 10 minutes. Rinse it out with your regular washing routine as you normally would. Doing this 2 times a week for several months will keep your hair stronger over time.
    Switch over to silk pillow covers. Pillowcases made from cotton or linen, although may feel soft, are rough enough to grab strands of hair and cause unnecessary breakage. Prevent this from happening by simply switching to a silk pillowcase. It will stop unwanted friction on your hair while you sleep, and is extra comfortable for heading to bed.
    Biotin is an inexpensive vitamin that helps renew the hair follicle and grow healthier roots which when taken long term, makes your hair grow longer and healthier faster
    Eat protein food. Especially green leafy vegetables and fruits
    Most importantly use Ayurvedic Kesh King Hair loss therapy regularly.

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