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Top Cancer Researcher Fails to Disclose Corporate Financial Ties in Major Research Journals

Board of Directors ■ Aura Biosciences* (cancer startup) ■ Bristol-Myers Squibb ■ Foghorn Therapeutics (cancer startup) ■ Grail* (cancer testing startup) ■ Infinity Pharmaceuticals* (cancer startup) ■ Varian Medical Systems (radiation equipment) Scientific or Clinical Advisory Board ■ ApoGen Biotechnologies (cancer startup) ■ Aura Biosciences (cancer startup) ■ Grail (cancer testing startup) ■ Juno Therapeutics* ■ Northern Biologics (cancer startup) ■ Paige.AI (pathology startup) ■ Peptomyc* (cancer startup) ■ PMV Pharmaceuticals (cancer startup) ■ Seragon Pharmaceuticals* (breast cancer) Founder or Co-Founder ■ Mosaic Biomedicals* ■ Tango Therapeutics (cancer startup) Paid Consultant ■ AstraZeneca* ■ Eli Lilly* ■ Novartis* ■ Roche/Genentech*

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