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Global Health: In African Villages, These Phones Become Ultrasound Scanners

BUSHORO, Uganda — Lying on a church pew with his arm over his head, 6-year-old Gordon Andindagaye whimpered a bit — in fear, not pain — as Dr. William A. Cherniak slowly swept a small ultrasound scanner up and down his chest.Dr. Cherniak and Rodgers Ssekawoko Muhumuza, the Ugandan clinical officer he was training, stared at the iPhone into which the scanner was plugged, watching Gordon’s lung expand and contract.“O.K.,” Dr. Cherniak finally said. “What do you recommend?”Gordon had a persistent cough and swollen lymph nodes, and looked tired and unwell. As other boys ran around outside, kicking a soccer ball made of rags and twine, he…

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A Charity Accepts Uber Stock as Donations. Then Uses It to Pay Staff Bonuses.

Last year, the founder of a charity that is focused on making sure everyone on earth has clean water and a co-founder of an e-commerce mattress company met for lunch at a SoHo restaurant. As the two ate, the talk inevitably turned to start-ups.“How come at a start-up you can participate in the equity upside?” Neil Parikh, the co-founder of the mattress company, Casper, said in recalling the conversation with Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity: water. “But at a charity, you’re helping all these people, and you can’t participate in the monetary upside?”It was a quandary that Mr. Harrison, who has forged close ties with the…

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Trilobites: Scientists See Promise in Resurrecting These Rhinos That Are Nearly Extinct

AdvertisementEven if the technology can bring back the northern white rhinoceros, should we do it?Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who died March 20 at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. CreditSan Diego Zoo GlobalMay 24, 2018With the right advances in assisted reproduction or cloning, there could be a second chance for this “unique form of rhinoceros,” said Oliver Ryder, director of conservation genetics at San Diego Zoo Global. ImageDr. Oliver Ryder, of the San Diego Zoo Global’s Frozen Zoo, inspecting cell cultures from a store of tissue and genetic material.CreditSan Diego Zoo GlobalNot everyone agrees that having the capacity to bring back the northern white…

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