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YouTube Shooting Puts a Focus on Workplace Security

But the risk is not confined to the tech sector. Many companies across the country are similarly exposed, reflecting an open-door policy that for generations has pervaded corporate America, where safety training has long focused on fire drills, earthquake-sheltering procedures and accident cleanup.Some of that trust has eroded over the years. After the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, companies fearing terrorist bombings and biochemical attacks taught employees how to handle suspicious packages. But a sharp increase in mass shootings over the past two decades has made companies increasingly nervous about gun violence from disgruntled workers and customers.Last year, an employee fatally shot three people at the…

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YouTube Attacker’s Complaints Echoed Fight Over Ad Dollars

But a series of news reports revealed big brands’ ads running alongside extremist, racist and other hateful videos, leading some companies to pull their money from the site. YouTube has since clamped down and pulled ads from thousands of controversial videos.YouTube declined to comment on Wednesday.Video creators take a share of the money from ads running before or alongside their videos. But YouTube has been raising the bar on qualifications for running ads.Last April, the company said it would set a requirement for 10,000 cumulative lifetime views before allowing videos to gain ads. In January, the company raised that requirement to 4,000 hours of watch time in…

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‘Vegan Bodybuilder’: How YouTube Attacker, Nasim Aghdam, Went Viral in Iran

خيلى قشنگ مى‌شه. الان رسانه‌ها با یه نوع جدیدی از زن ایرانی روبرو‌ می‌شن که تو هيچ كدوم از دسته بنديهاشون از زن خاورميانه جا نمی‌شه : وِگَن، مخالف با اسلحه، طرفدار حقوق حيوانات، هفت‌تیرکش، سینه بادکنکی و غيره#نسیم_اقدم#YouTube shooter شوکه کننده ست و ناراحت کننده ست از ین جهت که ما انقدر خندیدیم و اون انقدر ویدیوهاش برای خودش جدی بودن. نکنه زیباترین دختر سال 2016 هم جدی میگه اینا رو ؟؟؟ #نسیم_اقدم

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