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A New Wave of Tourism in Manipur – Rural & Adventure

  Manipur is an abundant powerhouse of tourism resources because nature has munificently given a whole lot of good things that guests who visit this place are spellbound by its beauty. Countrified life, rustic civilization and unspoilt tranquility are a sight of awe to its travelers. The challenging trekking routes, tribal folk culture and recherché choices of adventurous activities are ready to let its visitors awe in delight. Tourism in Manipur recently got a boost after PAP (Protected Area Permit) was removed for the Foreign Nationals. And here it is on the itinerary for these travelers; the two forms of tourism with such huge potential that it somehow is ready to change…

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Tourism products of Manipur are from different dimensions. Ranging from the lush green forests to the authentic and unequaled cultural heritage of the state, this place has some of the newest forms of tourism products geared up to be served to the visitors hot and fresh. By tourism product, basically we mean anything that is being sold to the tourist for revenue. Tourism products can be the Hills and Mountains, Lakes and Rivers, Historical Monuments and Artifacts, Culture and Heritage, Fairs and Festivals, Rural Manipur, Arts and Social Life, Shopping, niche and other interest tourism forms. Manipur is not confined to a handful of such tourist products…

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