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Excerpts From the New Work Summit

The New Work Summit, convened earlier this week by The New York Times, featured panel discussions about the opportunities and risks that are emerging as the use of artificial intelligence accelerates across industries. Here are some excerpts. They have been edited and condensed.ImageCreditMike Cohen for The New York TimesCan Technology Save the World (Before It Destroys It)?Sam AltmanCo-founder and chairman of Open AI; president of Y CombinatorOne of the things that surprises me most about sort of the criticism of the tech industry right now is a belief that tech should be the one to decide what you can and can’t say and how these algorithms work.…

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Evan Spiegel on the Call for Regulation

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — With the continued pressure to regulate Silicon Valley, many wonder when, and how, the United States will act.Sam Altman, president of the start-up incubator Y Combinator, said the onus was on the government.“The idea that these companies who are not accountable to us or elected by us should get to decide sort of the new safeguards of society, that seems like the wrong way to do it,” Mr. Altman said last week at The New York Times’s New Work Summit in California. “I think we should let our — flawed as they may be — democratically elected and enforced institutions update the…

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Tech Was Supposed to Get Political. It’s Hanging Back in This Election.

“I’ve just been super busy,” Mr. Altman wrote in an email, adding that he had “no idea” why others had been so quiet. A spokesman for Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder who previously showed an intense interest in politics, waved off an inquiry, saying: “Don’t really have anything new to report.”Mr. Brin has no political thoughts to share at present, a Google spokeswoman said. Even Peter Thiel, who backed Mr. Trump when hardly anyone else in Silicon Valley would, appears not to be making any donations at the moment.Hunter Walk, formerly with Google’s YouTube and now a venture capitalist, appeared in the 2011 video supporting Mr. Lee.…

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