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More Turmoil at The Markup, a Tech Site Still in Beta Mode

One month after the top editor was ousted from The Markup, a fledgling nonprofit investigative tech news site, amid disagreements with the other two founders, more turbulence followed.On Friday, Craig Newmark, the Craigslist founder and the site’s biggest backer, said in a statement that the site’s other two founders had departed.“I’ve been informed that Sue Gardner and Jeff Larson are no longer with The Markup,” Mr. Newmark said in the statement, which he posted on his Twitter account.The investigative journalist Julia Angwin, the original editor in chief, was fired from the site in April after having apparently lost a power struggle. After her sudden exit, several editorial…

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Julia Angwin Is Out as Editor of New Tech Watchdog Site The Markup

For the past year, the investigative journalist Julia Angwin has been busy building The Markup, a nonprofit news site dedicated to scrutinizing technology and its effects on society.The Markup raised more than $23 million in funding, a testament to the reputation that Ms. Angwin, the site’s editor in chief, and another of its founders, Jeff Larson, had established through their work at ProPublica, which they left last year. But on Monday evening, Ms. Angwin was fired from The Markup via email, just months before the site’s planned July start date. On Tuesday, five of the site’s seven editorial staff members resigned, citing her dismissal as the reason.Ms.…

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News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder

When the investigative journalist Julia Angwin worked for ProPublica, the nonprofit news organization became known as “big tech’s scariest watchdog.” By partnering with programmers and data scientists, Ms. Angwin pioneered the work of studying big tech’s algorithms — the secret codes that have an enormous impact on everyday American life. Her findings shed light on how companies like Facebook were creating tools that could be used to promote racial bias, fraudulent schemes and extremist content. Now, with a $20 million gift from the Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, she and her partner at ProPublica, the data journalist Jeff Larson, are starting The Markup, a news site dedicated to…

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