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State of the Art: Apple Shuns the Tech Industry’s Apology Tour

The next iPhone will let you turn your face into an emoji, and now it can even do “tongue detection” — an animated version of your face can stick out its tongue when you do. With Apple’s new augmented reality system, the iPhone can turn Legos into a video game. But if you can’t even play with some Legos without reaching for your phone, isn’t that kind of a problem?Apple wants to stand apart from the techlash with its emphasis on privacy and its oft-stated distaste for the excesses of the internet ad industry. On Monday, the company said its Safari web browser would disable tracking software,…

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Mark Zuckerberg to Apologize Again, This Time to European Parliament

SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, plans to strike a conciliatory note when he speaks to members of the European Parliament on Tuesday, in the latest stop on his apology tour for the social network’s mishandling of user information.Mr. Zuckerberg is expected to stick to what has become a well-used script when he appears before European lawmakers in Brussels on Tuesday evening. The chief executive intends to say that Facebook did not do enough to prevent the social network from being used for harm, according to an excerpt from his prepared remarks viewed by The New York Times.“Whether it’s fake news, foreign interference in elections…

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