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Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of Pong, Dies at 81

“It’s the simplest game ever made,” Mr. Alcorn said. “One moving spot, two score digits, and two paddles. There’s never been a simpler game.”It was an instant success.The first Pong console, in Andy Capp’s Tavern in Sunnyvale, quickly broke down. When Mr. Alcorn went to fix it, it did not take him long to determine the problem: It was so full of quarters that no more could fit.In addition to their professional partnership, the Atari founders were good friends. Mr. Dabney taught Mr. Bushnell to sail, and they bought a 41-foot sailboat together. They called it Pong. But as their company grew, their relationship soured. Mr. Dabney…

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It Could Be Game Over for a Onetime King of Donkey Kong

The dispute over who was the first to score one million points in the classic Donkey Kong arcade game has captivated gamers for more than a decade.The battle was even the subject of an award-winning 2007 documentary, “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.”Earlier this month, after an extensive forensic analysis, the video game adjudicator Twin Galaxies handed off the long-ago title — or the bragging rights at least — to Steve Wiebe, the mild-mannered math teacher familiar to fans of that film.“It’s a sweet victory now to have it finally recognized,” Mr. Wiebe, 49, said.His rival in the movie, Billy Mitchell, 52, the hot-sauce entrepreneur…

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