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Strategies: The New iPhones Look Fine. But My Old One Is Better Than Ever.

Could this have been a case of planned obsolescence of a nefarious sort, the deliberate ruination of a perfectly good product to spur sales of a new one? I am not convinced that it was, although suspicions have been rampant for years that this kind of behavior might be standard for big tech companies. Facing widespread criticism, as well as lawsuits that are pending in California, Apple apologized late last year.In a statement at the time, the company said it had meant well and had merely been trying to keep phones working longer. Critically, Apple said it would offer expedited services at lower prices for owners of…

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This Man Is Taking France to Court to Win Back

But Mr. Frydman eventually found himself drawn into an existential legal battle: In 2015, the French government, which had previously applauded the site, accused of infringing on the nation’s right to the French name.The government won several domestic judgments, most recently in September 2017, ordering, among other things, that turn over the domain, with a penalty of 150 euros (about $180) for each day that it failed to do so.But, in a lawsuit filed in Virginia this April, Mr. Frydman argued that not only did the French government lack the authority to seize the domain, but it also violated several American laws.In the suit, which…

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