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Tourism products of Manipur are from different dimensions. Ranging from the lush green forests to the authentic and unequaled cultural heritage of the state, this place has some of the newest forms of tourism products geared up to be served to the visitors hot and fresh. By tourism product, basically we mean anything that is being sold to the tourist for revenue. Tourism products can be the Hills and Mountains, Lakes and Rivers, Historical Monuments and Artifacts, Culture and Heritage, Fairs and Festivals, Rural Manipur, Arts and Social Life, Shopping, niche and other interest tourism forms. Manipur is not confined to a handful of such tourist products…

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Manipur Tourism

‘ WELCOME TO A SOJOURN IN MANIPUR ’ Manipur (a state in North-East India) will not fall short of expectations when it comes to offering its Tourism resources to its guests. Blessed with lush green hills, diverse flora and flora; and awe-inspiring rich culture and heritage, this state can be visited almost all the year round because of its comfy climatic conditions. There were certain restrictions (Restricted Area Access Permit Required) in the earlier years for Foreign Nationals visiting Manipur, but ever since the Government had lifted off the ‘Restricted Area’ Tag, it is gaining prominence in the Tourism and Travel sector gradually. Manipur is a ready-to-visit…

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