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Wheels: High-Tech Collision Warnings, No Matter How Smart Your Car Is

New automobiles are reaching dealerships with all manner of sophisticated lifesaving technology, like collision-warning systems and automatic braking. But older cars can be outfitted with similar systems, too, and a study suggests it can make driving safer for you — or your teenager.“This can be a great way to get the safety benefit of crash-avoidance technology at a reduced cost compared to a new car,” said Ian Reagan, the author of the study and an official at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a research group funded by the insurance industry.Such technology could be particularly valuable for teenage drivers because mile after mile, the system would remind…

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Unraveling a Tesla Mystery: Lots (and Lots) of Parked Cars

Elon Musk’s settlement of a securities-fraud case has removed a cloud over the company and its leader. But another remains: how its electric-car production is measuring up against Mr. Musk's ambitious forecasts, a matter that a federal regulator is still investigating. One group of internet sleuths thinks it has found clues in plain sight, pointing to lots and garages in California, New Jersey, Arizona and other states where Tesla cars have been found parked in large numbers.The group’s efforts to document those sites could shed light on the delivery troubles that the Tesla chief has acknowledged, and reveal whether demand for the company’s cars is as high…

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