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Bitcoin Pizza Day: What You Can Buy Now for 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC)

Today, May 22nd, is Bitcoin Pizza Day. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, back in 2010, one of the earliest Bitcoin (BTC) purchases was completed. The purchase was for two Papa John’s pizzas. The price back then? 10,000 BTC. Since that fateful day, Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed and many other cryptocurrencies have sprung forth from Bitcoin’s success. Back in the day, 10,000 BTC may have only gotten you two pizzas. But what can that much Bitcoin get you now? >> TRON (TRX) Update: Upbit and Bithumb Support TRX Token Swap Bitcoin (BTC) Price Right now, one BTC is selling for $8,260.43 according to data from…

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