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Hacker Who Sold User-data for $2.6M in Bitcoin, Receives 10-Year Sentence

Grant West, the 26-year-old Just Eat hacker, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the trial -resulting from a massive scam he perpetrated in 2015 – has ended. According to reports by the BBC, the scamming process lasted just five months during which Mr. West was responsible for sending bogus emails to over 165,000 people pretending to be part of the Just Eat fast food chain. The Just Eat Hacker In the emails, he offered a £10GBP coupon to clients in exchange for filling out a survey about customer satisfaction with the services provided. However, the survey also required there to be personal data filled out…

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Apple Co-Founder Falls Victim to Bitcoin Scam

The Economic Times of India’s Global Business Summit took place this week, and it was inevitable that the cryptocurrency sector was going to be one of the topics discussed at length. What wasn’t foreseen, however, was Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak coming forward and saying he was a victim of a bitcoin scam. It’s been known for quite some that bitcoin, as well as every other virtual currency, holds a lot of risks. But when the co-founder of one of the largest technology companies in the world falls into its trap, then we know that anyone is susceptible to being duped by cryptocurrency scams. The Bitcoin Scam According…

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