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North Korea, Fearing K-Pop and Porn, Warns Against Smartphones’ Influence

SEOUL, South Korea — K-pop. Cheating on exams. Even pornography.North Korea on Tuesday warned against the disruptive influence it said smartphones could have on its isolated population, as the devices have begun to expose young people in particular to information and trends from the outside world.In the hermetically sealed North, South Korean officials estimate that the number of mobile phones has risen to six million since 2008, when cellular phone service began as a joint venture between the Egyptian telecommunications firm Orascom and the North’s communication ministry. The country has a population of 25 million.On Tuesday, the North’s main state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article listing…

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Tech Tip: How to Juice and Jam at the Same Time

Q. Is there any way to both charge the phone and listen to music at the same time on these new models that don’t have the traditional headphone jack?A. Apple retired the 3.5-millimeter jack in 2016 with the iPhone 7, and Google omitted the port on its Pixel 2 phones last year — leaving owners of those models a single Lightning or USB-C connection to use for earbuds and the battery charger. Other phones will likely follow suit if they haven’t already, and a few popular workarounds have emerged for people who like to listen to audio while the phone’s battery is charging. For those who prefer…

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Tech We’re Using: How to Stay on Top of Breaking News

I also use Twitter and Reddit for trending stories. And there are certain aggregator sites that people swear by. I’ve been using Hvper recently, thanks to a recommendation from my editor. And I still sometimes web surf like an old, using an RSS reader (Feedly).Which one is the most important?For breaking news, probably Dataminr. It’s a handy tool. For trending news, what we hope to do is put together patterns that others may not have, or to put a new spin on a story that’s already out there.Photo A tangle of headphones, which can sometimes seem to accumulate almost on their own. Credit Mark Abramson for The…

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