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In Liberal San Francisco, Tech Leaders Brawl Over Tax Proposal to Aid Homeless

For months, technology companies in San Francisco have fought a local ballot proposition that would impose taxes on corporations to fund initiatives to help the homeless.But last week, that unified front crumbled when Marc Benioff, chief executive of Salesforce, the online software company that is the city’s largest private employer, broke from the pack. “Homelessness is all of our responsibility,” he tweeted. Then the billionaire committed $2 million to passing the tax measure and criticized his fellow tech moguls for not caring.Now San Francisco’s tech community is in an uproar over the initiative, which is known as Proposition C and will be on the ballot on Nov.…

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Nextdoor Is Betting a Social Network Can Still Be a Platform for Politics

When Hala Hijazi wanted her friends to meet London Breed, then a candidate for mayor of San Francisco, she invited the whole neighborhood.Ms. Hijazi, a community organizer and consultant, lives in the city’s Marina District and is a member of Nextdoor, the neighborhood social media site.She planned the meet-and-greet on the Marina’s bustling Chestnut Street and posted it on Nextdoor. One neighbor said he wouldn’t vote for Ms. Breed. She said another called the candidate “the worst.” Still others decided to vote for Ms. Breed after meeting her in person.“Nextdoor is organic and, sometimes, it is going to be raw,” Ms. Hijazi said.Ms. Breed won the mayoral…

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Tech Was Supposed to Get Political. It’s Hanging Back in This Election.

“I’ve just been super busy,” Mr. Altman wrote in an email, adding that he had “no idea” why others had been so quiet. A spokesman for Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder who previously showed an intense interest in politics, waved off an inquiry, saying: “Don’t really have anything new to report.”Mr. Brin has no political thoughts to share at present, a Google spokeswoman said. Even Peter Thiel, who backed Mr. Trump when hardly anyone else in Silicon Valley would, appears not to be making any donations at the moment.Hunter Walk, formerly with Google’s YouTube and now a venture capitalist, appeared in the 2011 video supporting Mr. Lee.…

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