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Leaked Google Video After Trump’s Win Adds to Pressure From Conservatives

SAN FRANCISCO — A video posted to the right-wing media site Breitbart on Wednesday showed Google executives bemoaning the election of President Trump at a company meeting in 2016.The release of the leaked video is the latest volley in an expanding campaign by Republicans and allies in the media to demonstrate that Google and other Silicon Valley firms are biased against conservatives. Last week, Jeff Sessions, the United States attorney general, said he will meet with Republican state attorneys general this month to discuss whether social media companies are stifling conservative voices.Google has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks since Mr. Trump accused the company of…

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State of the Art: Google Tried to Change China. China May End Up Changing Google.

“I think that in the long term, they are going to have to open,” Mr. Brin told The Times.Since then, China’s rules have only hardened, while a host of other governments have stepped up efforts to police speech online.Now even many democratic governments are adopting stringent curbs on online speech. For instance, in Europe, a “right to be forgotten” rule has forced Google and other search engines to remove results that are judged to invade people’s privacy, and more rules governing hate speech and propaganda are in the works. Meanwhile, Edward Snowden’s leaks showed that the American and British governments have also hacked large internet companies, including…

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How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google

Last Thursday, Mr. Brin, the company’s co-founder, responded to a question at a companywide meeting about Google’s work on Maven. According to two Google employees, Mr. Brin said he understood the controversy and had discussed the matter extensively with Mr. Page and Mr. Pichai. However, he said he thought that it was better for peace if the world’s militaries were intertwined with international organizations like Google rather than working solely with nationalistic defense contractors.Google and its parent company, Alphabet, employ many of the world’s top artificial intelligence researchers. Some researchers work inside an A.I. lab called Google Brain in Mountain View, Calif., and others are spread across…

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