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Tech Tip: How to Get a Weekly View in Apple’s Calendar

AdvertisementTECH TIPA few iOS apps show different screens when you rotate a phone to a horizontal position.Turn the iPhone sideways to get a weekly view in the Calendar app, or for a scientific calculator in the Calculator app.CreditThe New York TimesJuly 30, 2018Q. I can see the year, month and day views on the default iPhone calendar, but no weekly view. Did Apple really omit the week-at-a-glance option?A. Apple’s iOS Calendars app for the iPhone does have a weekly view, but you have to take an extra step to get to it. Rotate your phone sideways to the horizontal orientation and tap the Week tab at the…

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Tech Tip: A Wrinkle in Time Keeping

AdvertisementTech TipIf you don’t want your phone’s calendar to change time zones when you travel, you can lock down your appointments.May 23, 2018Q. When I travel, how do I make my iPhone’s calendar stop moving the business appointments I originally made at home to the time zone of the city I’m in? I want my phone to act like a paper calendar where an appointment written down for 11 a.m. stays at 11 a.m., no matter where I happen to be.A. Unless you have gone to the Date & Time settings and turned off the “Set Automatically” option, the iPhone picks up the time in your current…

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